Thank You For Supporting Our Second Annual Fundraiser

The Sacramento Stonewall Foundation welcomed many friends to its 2nd annual fundraising event, Building the Pipeline: LGBTQ Leadership. Supporters enjoyed wine tasting and LGBTQ history fun, all to promote and cultivate the next generation of LGBTQ advocates and leaders. Dr. John Johnson, Director of the Centers for Diversity and Inclusion at CSUS highlighted the need to continue to empower students to find success. And Travis Legault, 2018 McBride scholar, shared his appreciation of the work of the Foundation.

In addition to the McBride Scholarship, the Foundation also expanded opportunities for LGBTQ youth by sponsoring the SCUSD’s “Be Brave, Be You” LGBTQA student leadership conference, and partnered with the Sacramento LGBT Community Center to fund a high school internship through the city’s 1000 Strong initiative.

Empowering and educating queer youth is critical to the continued struggle for basic rights, liberties and protections of the LGBTQ community. We thank our fast friends and new enthusiasts for their commitment to our endeavors.


Stonewall Foundation Announces 2018 Winner of CSUS  McBride Scholarship

Travis LegaultThe Stonewall Foundation of Greater Sacramento is expanding opportunities for leadership development of LGBTQ youth. This year we were pleased to issue funding for a full tuition scholarship aimed at CSU Sacramento students seeking to increase LGBTQ equity and representation in civic affairs. In collaboration with the university, the Foundation selected Travis Legault as the 2018 recipient of its McBride scholarship, named for lifelong activist and early champion of LGBTQ rights, Laurie McBride.

As Travis describes, his commitment to advocacy and leadership is clear.

“I have been involved in legislative advocacy efforts for several years now. Most of this work has been around higher education policy and I’ve done it though Sacramento State’s Associated Students, where I served as our liaison and held our seat on the board of directors to the California State Student Association, and also served as our Legislative Affairs Coordinator…. the times that I have been able to do legislative advocacy work for LGBT issues has been very rewarding. Last year I participated in Equality California’s advocacy day at the Capitol, and I led a group of five people in advocacy visits to four different Assembly members for legislation to prevent bullying in K-12 schools and grant more dignity to LGBT Youth in their education.”

Committed to our goal -”to advance equal rights for all people, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity,” the McBride Scholarship assists students committed to political, social and economic rights of LGBTQ individuals, as well as achieving their academic outcomes. The scholarship was created by the Stonewall Foundation to cultivate leaders who, like McBride, understand that fighting for equality requires consensus building, commitment and resolve.

McBride, as prominent activist in California, pushed for statutory protections long before many considered doing so. She worked in local, statewide and national movements for civil rights and political access for LGBTQ individuals. As executive director of the Lobby for Individual Freedom and Equality, she led California legislative efforts for employment protections, domestic partnerships, and HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention. Laurie went on to work as a policy advisor and chief of staff in the legislature, and as Assistant Secretary of State.

The Stonewall Foundation looks ahead to working closely with our new McBride scholar: 1) to educate our community about policies that impact the rights and well-being of LGBTQ individuals; 2) to oppose discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity; and 3) to develop LGBTQ civic and political leadership.

Vrindavani Avila

The 2017 McBride Scholarship Recipient

Words from First Stonewall Foundation McBride Scholar………

"Receiving the McBride scholarship was a completely unexpected surprise. I have been doing social justice work for communities of color and the LGTBQIA community for over five years, and the work is powered by the love I have for my communities and driven by a critical consciousness towards liberation for all queer transgender people of color. Winning this scholarship reminded me of all the struggles that trans women of color have done and are continuously doing for LGTBQIA youth and folks in order to survive today with some rights and privileges. Without trans women of color like Sylvia Rivera, Marsha P Johnson, and the current work of Miss Major Griffin-Gracy, there wouldn’t be a LGBTQIA movement; without their dedication to liberation, their work fighting against racism, prisons, and poverty has brought the whole community closer to a place of freedom. Without the work of trans women of color and gender non- conforming folks, I wouldn’t have been able to receive this scholarship recognizing the work I have done and continue to do. I am grateful to receive the Laurie McBride Scholarship as it is a reminder of why doing this work is necessary and crucial, and there is still a lot of work that needs to be done to ensure equity and liberation for all queer folks of color."

Vrindavani Avila June 2017

Scholarship Recipient
From Left: Charlene Jones, Vrindavani Avila, & Timothy Kramermayer
From left: Charlene Jones, Vrindavani Avila, & Laurie McBride

Our Scholarship

The Stonewall Foundation of Greater Sacramento is a 501(c)(3) corporation that funds university scholarships to support students working to increase LGBTQ equity and representation in civic affairs.